Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Camp: Day 12

How Canijah knows
Jesus loves her.
Rhiannon playing

Things are heating up outside again but we're still enjoying camp as we roll steadily towards the end of our time together.  The campers are still learning new and wonderful projects with Suelynn.  She is one hard worker.  Today, as her students were painting, Suelynn and two of our volunteers (Karl and Catalina) spent about 7 straight hours of their day rinsing the tie-dye from t-shirts!  Meanwhile, sn science the campers experimented with their five senses, and music continues to rehearse their song.  Incidentally, make sure you join us for worship this Sunday as the campers will be performing their song for the congregation during the service!

The Sophia's playing
Ethan contemplating
the Bible skit.

Meridith Carter led our devotions.  She very lovingly helped us understand that it means to be crucified with Christ and to no longer live for ourselves.  We also got to hear little Jonah Owens recite all of Isaiah 43:1-2 from memory (which garnered much applause).

Cakiyah kuup up 3
Who can resist the siren-call of
a pile of Legos?

Snack was also a special time today.  Laura Jones helped John's cooking classes to prepare a fleet of non-allergenic cupcakes to celebrate Olivia's birthday...and yes, it was my (Joey) birthday, too.  We were treated to a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday and more applause.

Making masterpieces
Massai following his
other senses.

There are two and a half days of camp left (1/2 day on Friday) but this will surely be three weeks our children will remember.

(How to get a room of campers to be silent.)


  1. I didn't get it. What causes them to be silent.

    1. At the end of the song they all stop as one.